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Roadmaps Continued: Work

There is no fancy name for this. Your team may call them tasks, or stories, or really anything. But no need to get too abstract. It's just work. The difficult little things we all do every day to make something.

Break down your Rally Points into individual work items for human people, use some sort of system to track them. Could be post-its, could be jira (if you really really have to). Try and come up with something that is optimized for makers, with a low overhead. In an ideal world you would extract these from the actual work of the team, but systems today don't do this well. Avoid any rude to build these out before the iteration starts, these are the answer to the question, "what are you doing right now?" And probably at the granularity of about 1 person for half a day. These are the kinds of things you might have one to two days ahead visibility on. A team member is likely to identify these tasks as needed every day. If you are doing standups daily and talking through what you are working on, and how it's going, every team member should have a working model of where the progress is. This intuitive understanding of "what's next?" Is important to develop within the team and keeping track of who is doing what task is how you get there. When you finish your work for the day, before you start on your next item you want to make sure that you aren't duplicating someone else's work, so creating that next work item is locally important to the team or group working on a particular rally point, but it's below the level of granularity needed outside the team.

To keep our example going, a few possible work items:

  • Bill — Provision database in dev, name it something and tell people.
  • Jane — Build a PoC login screen (unstyled)
  • Jim — Add styling to login screen when Jane has locked down the class names
  • Lisa — Mock up user serialization/deserialization on login

Final part: Artifacts and Acceptance