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Organizational Methodology Adoption

How did your team end up using your current methodology? It's kind of a trick question, because if you are using a branded Agile methodology you have probably already made choices that are highly limiting to your teams empowerment, and the trust of the organization that's needed for long term success. Capital A Agile software development has fully infected many teams.

There are so many lessons to be learned from software development history. We stand on the shoulders of giants; but the leadership at many companies are not part of that on-going conversation. This means that you must assume that most of the time, we aren't presented with a thoughtful analysis of how a methodology might improve the work of the organization, but rather a much more simplistic cut and paste. It worked for me at [insert company boss used to work for]!

I think that when Ron Jeffries says "Developers Should Abandon Agile" this is what he is talking about in some ways. Methodologies applied from outside the team is effectively a wholesale abandonment of the individuals and interactions over processes and tools concept.

Good software development is about letting talented individuals and teams find their way to solutions. The productivity gains come when each member of the team can fully contribute. Each process constraint or rule takes options out of the hands of the team and replaces it with something pre-defined. Every team and individual is different, the right methodology for you is not one size fits all, just as the right technical choice is seldom exactly what someone else has done.